Day-of Event Assistance Services

Do you need quality help on the day-of your wedding or event? I'm your girl! I have three years experience owning my own wedding planning business and five years of event experience on top of that! I know and understand the need for quality assistance from someone who understands your  needs on a wedding day. This service provides an extra set of hands and eyes for your event.

If you a wedding planner or a florist that needs someone to be at the reception setting up and making sure all the details are perfectly placed while you are at the ceremony, or you’re a photographer that needs someone to be there to carry equipment and get family/friends set for a photo, or a florist that needs help with production, a delivery or event installation - I'm here for you!


Social Media Content Strategy

Hashtag clouds, algorithms and strategy, oh my!
In today's social media influenced world, your business must have a voice through social media. Keeping up with all of your social platforms, the ever-changing trends and the algorithm changes (don't even get me started!) can be difficult, to say the least. Don't worry! I'm here to save the day!  I will create a streamlined approach to your social media outlets. I will take a review your analytics, see who your audience is, what they are engaging with on your channel and create a feed that your audience will love all while giving your business a voice.  


Squarespace Website Design

I know, I know - websites can be frustrating! For whatever reason, I enjoy it beyond belief! If you have a Squarespace website or are thinking of a Squarespace site, I'm here to help! I can build it from scratch for you or place the finishing touches once your content is all loaded! 


Styling Services

Styling is where my heart belongs - but it is so much more than making things look 'pretty'! I work very hard to make sure the vision you see for your event or photo shoot is brought to life. Styling services include styling for branding sessions, product campaigns, head-shots, intimate gatherings, and engagement sessions.